All of my most recent work is described below.


Long-form articles are my meat and potatoes. My most recent feature is: LPM (Legal Practice Management) April 2020: My mind to your mind. This was all about the LPM South 2020 conference!

industry reports

My two most recent reports were both for Briefing magazine, targeted at legal business management professionals in large (> £20m revenue) law firms. The first, the knowledge management leaders report, was published in March 2020. The second, published in April 2020, was the corresponding marketing and BD leaders report.

case studies and interviews

I have experience of writing a variety of shorter interviews and case studies, both editorial and client-sponsored.

Proofreading and subediting

Does that split infinitive belong there? Depends on your house style! Either way, I can help you clear up the confusion.


Good eye for a well-turned phrase, crystal clear copy and a well-placed pun. I have experience of creating marketing copy for Watershed media centre in Bristol, as well as Briefing, LPM and LSN outlets.

Josh is quite good at what he does. Whatever that actually is.

Josh Adcock

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