I’m josh. i write things, and sometimes people like the words i’ve assembled so much they’ll pay me. sometimes they tell me to stop, but i keep writing anyway. very occasionally they’re so pleased they still pay me.

Previously, I was a staff writer for Briefing and LPM (Legal Practice Management) magazines, both of which are trade publications targeted at senior leaders in the legal sector. I was also an editorial assistant before I was promoted (well done), during which time I gained loads of experience in production and other editorial things.

Before either of those roles, I was a comedy and theatre reviewer, first as a student and later for Broadway Baby. I still love theatre, comedy and the arts in general, and I’m also a bit of a history buff.

I’ve also worked as a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe, for which I wrote my own 40 minute tour, with the help of the official handbook, and a few articles relevant to bardic topics. That included an interview with artist Ralph Heimans and a history of the printing press.

Now, I’m a freelance copywriter, journalist and features writer. And the story continues…